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Birthday Balloons FAQs

Why were balloons invented?

Balloons were invented during the early 1600’s by an Italian physicist who was looking to prove the existence of air.  He created a flexible plastic ball that would stretch and shrink as air was blown in and sucked out.  His invention soon became popular among the towns children, who would use them as toys.  However, because the balloons were filled with air they would sink to the ground,  allowing children only to bounce them around until they popped.  In 1783 a French inventor constructed the first gas filled balloon, which floated in air.  The hydrogen filled balloon was actually a large balloon that was used to carry cargo and passengers.  This idea soon was translated for use of smaller balloons and helium balloons became popular shortly thereafter. 

What is a milar balloon?

Milar balloons are the shiny foil balloons that you may see at party supply stores.  They were invented in the 1970’s and are made from thin and un-strechable plastic films.  They were designed to hold helium better then latex balloons, and because they are not stretchy they can be pre-shaped into almost anything imaginable.  They are extremely light weight and because they are made of plastic they can retain helium for weeks on end.  You can even order personalized milar balloons that are printed with whatever you want in any shape available.  This is why they are perfect birthday balloons.  They can be designed in the exact theme of the party.  They are more personalizable and specific they latex balloons. 

What should I include in a party favor at my child’s birthday party?

Children’s party favors are among the most popular type of favor.  Party supply stores often have a large supply of items, themed or not, for children’s parties.  Often times children’s favors include small toys; kazoo’s, stamps, small figurines.  Additionally they usually have many different types of candy or treats; from chocolate to fruit snacks.  Children also love stickers and fake tattoo’s; and those are commonly included.  You can find an array of different themed bags at a party supply store so the favors match the theme of the party.