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Balloons were invented during the early 1600’s by an Italian physicist who was looking to prove the existence of air.  He created a flexible plastic ball that would stretch and shrink as air was blown in and sucked out.  His invention soon became popular among the towns children, who would use them as toys.  However, because the balloons were filled with air they would sink to the ground,  allowing children only to bounce them around until they popped.  In 1783 a French inventor constructed the first gas filled balloon, which floated in air.  The hydrogen filled balloon was actually a large balloon that was used to carry cargo and passengers.  This idea soon was translated for use of smaller balloons and helium balloons became popular shortly thereafter. 

Helium balloons came to a rise in popularity when they became a key element of the American and European circus shows in the 1800’s.  Many traveling circus groups would bring an array of helium filled balloon’s as attractions at their shows.  The balloons were sold to local children who would tie them to their wrists for their exciting day at the circus.  It was because of the circus that balloon’s became associated with fun and excitement.  It was a well known fact that if one had a balloon they had attended the circus.  Many other companies began catching on the excitement of balloons.  Local fairs, swimming pools and even movie theaters began to sell balloons in the early 1900’s.  These events led further to the balloons association with fun and excitement.  Not often, in the history of balloons, have they been paired with negative events or circumstances. 

Currently helium balloons are popular for many different special occasions.  They are used as decorations, and gifts for birthdays, anniversaries, and even weddings. There are many different types of balloons available today; not just helium balloons.  There are milar balloons that are made with a type of foil; they are commonly filled with helium.  There are also air filled balloon’s that are commonly used as decorations or even as toys.  Water balloons are also common at many different types of parties.  Regardless of the type of balloon used, they are excellent for decoration and they complete the true party vibe.  Balloons of any type complete the party atmosphere for all types of parties. 

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