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Many birthday parties, especially for children, require many decorations from balloon’s to confetti.  However, because balloon’ s are so large and seemingly fragile it can be difficult to purchase a large amount of balloons and get them to your house.  Additionally often times purchasing balloon’s from a party supply store can add up to quite a lot.  For the high price of balloon’s and the risk of transporting them it is not worth the price or the hassle involved.  To solve this problem many party supply shops rent will allow you to rent a helium tank for a day or a few hours.  This way you can fill your own balloons at home, which will lower the overall cost and eliminate the hassle of transportation.  Additionally often times you can have many more balloon’s at a party if you rent the helium instead of purchasing helium filled balloons. 

If you often throw parties or own a party business it is a wise idea to invest in a refillable helium tank.  Helium is actually quite inexpensive and most party supply stores have helium hook ups which will allow you to fill your tank when it is empty.   Balloon’s are also quite inexpensive therefore all you have to worry about is the one time cost for the tank.  With the tank you will be able to create the perfect balloon bouquet for nearly every occasion; from birthdays, to anniversaries and even holidays.  If you own a party business you can rent out the tank to your clients; often times you will pay for the cost of the tank within the first few rentals.  This will make your work less of a hassle as well as allow your clients to create whatever balloon creations come to their mind.  You can purchase many different sizes of helium tanks online or at any party supply store. 

There are many different sizes of tank’s available for rental or purchase.  Because helium is a gas a helium tank is sized according to cubic feet.  The helium within the tank is compressed however, tanks are designed to decompress the helium as it passes into the balloon.  The cubic feet of the helium is measured when it is uncompressed.  Because there are many different sizes and types of balloons you cannot accurately estimate the exact number of balloon’s any one tank can fill.  Obviously, larger tanks will be able to fill more balloons, and smaller takes will fill only a few.

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