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There many ways to decorate with a party balloon.  Usually many balloon’s are used to decorate homes and rooms for special occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries and even weddings.  There are many decorative ways balloons can be placed.  From bouquets to loosely placed and even netted balloons.  There are two main ways to use balloons; with helium or with air.  Helium balloons float, because helium is lighter than air.  Air filled balloons remain stagnant and don’t float.  Decorating with either type of balloon can complete any party and make it look fun and exciting or even beautiful and elegant. 
Helium Balloons are the most common type of balloon used for party balloon decorations.  They are especially for children’s parties because balloons in easy reach can be a choking hazard.  There are many different ways to decorate with helium balloons, and you can always rent a helium tank so you can fill as many balloons as you want. 

1- Balloon bouquets- For helium balloons it is common for people to group many different colors and types of balloons together to make a bouquet of balloons.  Often times bouquets include an array of sizes of rubber balloons and one or two millar balloons to match the theme of the event or display the event itself.  These bouquets can be tied to railings, chairs, or other objects to be displayed at the party. 

2- Loosely placed-  Another way to decorate with helium balloons is to let them float freely around the room.  Because helium balloons float they will be high on the ceiling and out of reach, but yet they will create a beautiful atmosphere.  Many people choose to cover the ceiling with helium balloons for parties, especially with children’s parties.  Additionally you can choose to attach strings to the balloon’s or not.  Loose balloon’s make it easy for children to take them home if they want. 

Air Balloons are not often thought of for parties, however there are many fun things you can do with air filled balloons.  While they are not the best choice for children’s parties as decorations, they are good to use for games.  Air balloon’s are great because all you need are the balloons themselves and a good set of lungs.  Air filled balloon’s allow you to save money and still create a beautiful and exciting party environment. 

1- Netted balloons- Because air filled balloon’s don’t float their needs to be something holding them up.  A popular thing to do at large parties is to create a netting close to the ceiling in the room of the party.  This way air filled balloons can be placed over head, and if the netting is released or broken they will fall to the floor like confetti. 

2- On the floor- Also you could scatter many air filled balloons around the floor of the party to add a decorative effect.  You don’t want to place too many on the floor as it can become a walking hazard, but a few here and there is a cute way to decorate any party. 

3- Signs- There are small air filled balloons you can purchase at any party supply store. When these balloons are blown up they only expand to about 3 inches.  These balloons can be used to create beautiful signs for birthday parties, or other special occasions.  All you need is some balloons, a good set of lungs, and a poster board.  You can glue the balloons to the poster board in some sort of pattern and create the perfect birthday poster.

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