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Welcome to! We are dedicated to providing our readers the best information of everything from birthday balloons to party favors and even other important party supplies.  There are many things that are essential to creating the perfect party of any sort.  From children’s birthday parties, to baby or wedding showers and even anniversary or holiday related holidays, there are many things one should prepare for. does not promote any one product or method of use.  Or mission is simply to aid or readers in creating the perfect party.   Our site provides all sorts of useful information on how to decorate and plan for a party of any sort.  Feel free to look around and don’t forget to come back often as we update with new information. 

While balloons are used for fun and recreation today they were actually invented to prove the existence of air.  In the early 1600’s an Italian physicist created a hollow and flexible plastic device that would stretch and shrink with the level of air.  This creation proved that air was actually a gas, not the lack of anything.  His invention soon became popular among children who would use them as recreational toys to kick around the town.  Because the balloons were filled with air they could be easily kicked and thrown into the air.  The first balloons were relatively small and actually were made of thicker plastic so they were more durable than the balloons of today.  In the late 1700’s a French inventor took the idea of the balloon from Italy and invented the first gas filled balloon.  The rather large balloon was filled with hydrogen and was developed to carry cargo, and eventually passengers.  It wasn’t until the early 1800’s that this idea was used for the smaller air filled balloons. 

In the early 1800’s helium filled balloons became popular in America and Europe because of their association with the circus.  Traveling circus groups were the first to use helium balloons for entertainment purposes.  Many circuses sold helium balloons, in an array of colors, to children for a penny.  In turn children would tie the balloons to their wrists so they could float alongside them as they walked. Balloons were know for their connection to the circus and a child with a balloon was automatically assumed to have attended the circus.  However, in the late 1800’s other companies began to sell balloons.  Fairs, pools, movie theaters, and even vendors at beaches began to sell balloons.  All of these things led to the balloon becoming a symbol of fun and excitement.  They are all reasons that contribute to the use of balloon’s at parties and special events today. 
You can find balloon’s at nearly every party supply store, along with all of your basic party needs.  Most stores have an array of balloons to choose from, and can even compile complex balloon bouquets.  Often times you can choose from an assortment of traditional latex balloons and even foil milar balloons.  Milar balloons are great for any occasion because they can take on any shape and usually last for weeks.  Additionally  milar balloons can be printed with any design or message; from “happy birthday” to “get well” and even “congratulations”. 

When you are planning any type of party there are many things you must do to prepare.  Cake, silverware, decorations, invitations and party favors are all popular things you need to purchase when you are throwing a party.  Another essential party supply that should be purchased for all types of parties is balloon’s.  Whether it be a wedding, a birthday party, an anniversary or even a shower; balloons bring excitement and fun to every type of party.  Additionally there are endless possibilities when it comes to birthday balloons.  They are made in practically every color imaginable; from clear to black and even multicolored. You can also use birthday balloon’s in an array of different ways; from decorations to activities and even party favors.  There are also many types of balloons; from the traditional latex balloons to the foil milar balloon’s that are becoming popular. In addition to balloons you can find an array of party favors at a party supply store.  Party favors are popular for children’s birthdays, showers and even large occasions like weddings.  There are many different types of favors; most often they contain a combination of candy, toys, and memorabilia from the party.


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